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College students who are registered may request a vote by mail ballot

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q.  If I am away at college, where should I register for voting?  

A.  You should register to vote in the county and state where you are a legal resident.  

Q.  What is my legal residence?  

A.  You are the one to determine and declare the city, county and state in which you claim your legal residence. You may choose to keep your parent’s address as your legal address, or you may wish to designate the city, county or state where your school is located.  

Q.  Where do I order my vote by mail ballot?  

A.  From the Supervisor of Elections office in the county you are claiming as your legal residence.  

Q.  What if I am home during early voting? Can I vote early?  

A.  If you have kept your home address as your legal residence then, yes, you may participate in early voting. Be sure to bring a picture and signature ID to vote.

Q.  When will my ballot be mailed from the Florida Supervisor of Elections office? 

A.  Civilian ballots shall be mailed 40 - 33 days prior to election day.  Military and Overseas ballots shall be mailed no later than 45 days prior to election day.