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Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA)

List of Military and Overseas Citizens Who Fall Under the UOCAVA Designation: 

  1. Members of the United States Uniformed Services on active duty, their spouses and dependents.
  2. Merchant Marine, their spouses and dependents.
  3. United States citizens residing outside of the United States.
  4. Military and Overseas ballots shall be mailed no later than 45 days prior to election day



Registering To Vote


Register to vote by:

  1. Federal Post Card Application (FPCA).  You may obtain this form at or from a Voting Assistance Officer (VAO).
  2. Florida registration form.  You may obtain the Florida Voter Registration Application in English or Spanish or  complete online by visiting the Florida Online Voter Registration System.  Be sure to notate your military status on the form.



Voting by Absentee Ballot (Vote by Mail)




How Do I Apply for an Absentee (Vote by Mail) Ballot?

It is recommended that you use the Federal Post Card Application form (FPCA) to apply for your vote by mail ballot.  For information on how to obtain and fill out your FPCA consult the Federal Voting Assistance Program website at . Vote by mail requests received from the FPCA are good for one federal election cycle. 


Additionally, you may utilize our website to request your vote by mail ballot using our online Vote by Mail request form.  You will find the form by accessing the “Vote by Mail” button on our website or contact the elections office by phone, fax or e-mail


IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to receive your vote by mail ballot in a timely manner, we recommend you contact the elections office annually to confirm we have your current mailing address.  To update your mailing address you may contact the elections office by phone, e-mail, fax or in writing.



Casting Your Vote By Vote by Mail Ballot

  • Ballot Return Deadline:  A voted ballot must arrive by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. 
  • If you are voting from outside the U.S., the Federal portion of your general election or presidential preference primary ballot will be counted if voted by the day of the election and received within 10 days following the election.  There is a presumption that the ballot was mailed on the date stated on the outside of the return envelope, regardless of the absence of a postmark or the existence of a postmark date that is later than Election Day.