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Kids' Links

kids voting

Kids' Voting USA: This website provides children a chance to vote online.

U.S. Treasury Logo U.S. Treasury: Educational Resources for Students and Educators
Department of State Department of State:  Kids' Page Florida Government, Facts, Symbols, Folklife, Shipwrecks, and Museums
FBI Logo FBI Kids: Cyber Safety for Young Americans
Ag Florida Department of Agriculture:  Education Page - Science Fair Projects, Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Students, Fairs and Livestock Exhibitions, School Gardens.
Ben Ben's Guide:  U.S. Government for Kids These pages explain the process for Federal Officials.
Energy U.S. Department of Energy:  KidzZone These pages offer interactive sections for kids to learn about energy.
Energy U.S. Energy Information Administration:  These pages offer interactive sections for kids to learn about energy.
Environmental United States Environmental Protection Agency:Explorer's Club This site allows children to learn about the environment and ways to keep it safe for the future.
Rock the Vote Rock The Vote: Rock the Vote is a program that has teamed up with MTV and has given young adults the information and outlet to voice their views about the voting process.
C.I.A. Logo CIA: Understanding Government Systems Around the World.